The Natsoft Accounting System is a fully integrated accounting package providing live up-to-date information.

The system has been designed for ease of use whilst providing detailed information at the click of a button. Full features of the system are described below.

The Natsoft Accounting System is a fully integrated accounting package providing live up-to-date information.

The system has been designed for ease of use whilst providing detailed information at the click of a button. Full features of the system are described below.

Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Financial Reporting
Inventory Control
Workshop Scheduling

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable feature of the Natsoft accounting system allows for easy access to customer information enabling a high level of customer service. As the customer is the source of cash flow for your business, it is vital to have good control of outstanding accounts as well as access to information that allows increased income opportunities.

  • A full transaction history providing information about not only outstanding invoices but access to historical transactions.

  • A single screen allows analysis of outstanding amounts, sales history and profitability.

  • Credit Limit and Credit Status checking during invoicing.

  • A full sales history of inventory allowing inquiry into inventory sold and frequency of sales.

  • Contacts can be stored against the customer and flagged to receive documents such as invoices, quotes/sales orders and statements.

  • Invoices, quotes and statements can all be sent as an email PDF.

  • The customers link seamlessly with the workshop system and allow access to equipment owned by the customer and a full service history on the equipment.

  • Special pricing or discount structures can be defined and easily reviewed.

  • Multiple delivery addresses can be stored for each customer.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable system helps to keep control of your suppliers. It enables you to easily reconcile with your suppliers’ statements and thus help ensure continuity of supply to service your customers.

  • Full transaction history allowing access to paid and unpaid transactions.

  • Ageing of amounts owing alongside a monthly purchase history for the current year compared to the previous year; this screen will allow access to historical data.

  • Invoices can be approved for payments by date due. This enables several remittance advice runs to be performed during the month, enabling you to take advantage of worthwhile discounts.

  • Multiple suppliers’ ledgers can be set up within the company if required, being a separate ledger and keeping it’s own purchase information.

  • Purchased orders for the suppliers can be easily accessed for review and follow-up.

  • Remittance advices can be printed on plain paper or sent via email.

  • Attachments specific to the supplier can be uploaded allowing easy access to all authorised users.

  • Notes or diary entries can be placed on suppliers allowing follow-up and easy review of communication.

Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting is vital, allowing you to take control of your business through current reporting. The ability to easily report to Government agencies is critical.

  • Effective financial reporting allowing for the easy generation of divisional profit & loss reports.

  • Business tax reporting with the generation of BAS and PAYG reports.

  • The Natsoft system allows for Cash and Accrual accounting and also Cash or Accrual GST reporting.


This system enables you to keep track of all payroll costings as well as employee accruals.

  • The system allows unlimited earnings and deduction types to be loaded.

  • Payment of wages by direct debit and creation of bank compliant ABA files.

  • Annual leave, personal leave, long service leave and rostered day off accruals are calculated and stored for each employee. Unlimited rates and methods of accruals can be set up. These can optionally be linked to the General Ledger to allow leave provision accounts to by utilised.

  • Multiple branches can be set up each branch being a totally separate payroll.

  • A standard pay can be set for each employee.

  • Unlimited history can be stored on each employees file.

  • New employees can be set up during the processing of pays.

  • Online inquiry facility during processing of pays. This allows detailed history for each employee to be accessed.

  • Automatic tax calculation utilising the standard statement of formulas issued by the Australian Taxation Office.

  • The payroll system also complies with the Fairwork reporting requirments, and reporting to the ATO using Single Touch Payroll Phase 2.,

  • Comprehensive superannuation reporting tracking Super Guarantee, employer, employee and salary sacrifice contributions. These can all be reported using different methods of compliant reporting.

Inventory Control

This system enables you to keep track of workshop jobs and also provides facility to keep job history on customers equipment.

  • Convert the cost method on stock items.

  • Full stocktake and stock control capabilities.

  • Create stock numbers on the fly.

  • Manage all stock levels across branches.

Workshop Scheduling

This system enables you to keep track of workshop jobs and also provides facility to keep job history on customers equipment.

  • Job costing on jobs showing job profitability.

  • Multiple labour and other cost categories.

  • Costs can be allocated to jobs from supplier orders, inventory issues and ledger transactions.

  • A full job history is maintained allowing inquiry of parts used and employee records of labour hours.

  • Since changing to Natsoft Accounting System in 2013 the direct time involved in account processes has significantly decreased due to the tailored modules for once complicated activities.

    Collaboration between plant & equipment and depreciation schedule means they work in perfect harmony relegating any need for reconciliation whilst creating all required journals and balances

    Fresh Freight – Tim

  • Begents has been using Natsoft in our business for over 20 years. We feel that the system works in and for our business better than any other program on the market, and it allows great flexibility to tailor the system to our personal needs which has been invaluable.

    The staff at Natsoft are always available and happy to assist with any queries we may have, no matter how small. It is great to have that face to face contact, and a personal relationship with someone who knows both you and your business.

    I would highly recommend using this locally owned and operated company.

    Begents – Debra, Chief Executive Officer

  • We have been using the Natsoft system for over 30 years now. Being a business that sells a lot of diverse products, we have found that the system has always met our needs and if it did not the Natsoft staff have been only too willing to custom write something to meet our requirements.

    The system is very user-friendly with our 14+ staff all being able to adapt to any changes that have been made. We are fully computerized from our administration to our workshop to our spare parts. Reporting is straight forward and easy to execute.

    The staff at Natsoft is friendly and very accommodating. They available on the telephone at any time and problems that they cannot resolve immediately are usually resolved within 24 hours. We have no hesitation in recommending Natsoft as a product for any business and for a helpful friendly company to deal with.

    Australian Chainsaw Products – Karen, Director

  • We have been using the Natsoft range of software for many years and have enjoyed the high level of customer support provided. Since implementing the new Natsoft package we have taken advantage of new features to increase efficiencies in our business.

    We appreciate the opportunity to work with Natsoft to develop features and implement technologies that will help us grow

    Total Air Supplies – Arthur, Director

  • Glass Supplies has been a client of National Software for over 30 years. In that time we have found Craig & Simon extremely professional & helpful in understanding our business needs.

    They have provided software solutions specific to our evolving industry and continue to provide valuable ongoing support.

    Glass Supplies – Lyn, Admin Manager